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About Me - Hearts of Mine

My name is Claudia but my friends on goodreads have known me for years as Miss Rail, a name very dear to me.

You see, I’ve fallen in love with TONS of books over the years but there’s a particular book that owns a little piece of my heart since I was 16:
“Lands of Glass” by Alessandro Baricco.
The protagonist’s name is Dann Rail and there’s a lot of Mr. Rail in me…
That’s why I chose his fictional surname for my bookish adventures 😎

A few years ago, I stumbled upon goodreads by chance and I ended up loving it.
Sharing my reading experience on that platform is awesome and led me to discover, not only great books, but also beautiful people that enjoy reading as much as I do.
I’ve always wanted my own little corner and now I’m jumping into this new adventure! *_*

I’ve often spent HOURS on GoodReads’s listopia, just to look for books with the right “ingredients” I was in the mood for.
Hours I could have spent reading a book!
That’s one of the reasons why I created this blog.

Help others find their “book matches” in the quickest way possible.

Check out the designated Filter section here and I hope you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!!😉


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My Review Policy - Hearts of Mine

I love Reading and all my reviews are personal opinions on books I mainly purchase or borrow.

At the moment I have very limited free time therefore, I will not be able to accept books and ARCs for review consideration.

When that situation changes:

  • keep in mind I do not commit to review any book I receive and, IF I do review it, I will ALWAYS give my HONEST opinion.
  • I DO NOT write positive reviews on commission.
  • If I review ARCs/ Books that were sent to me by authors , publishers, agents and the like, it will be clearly stated on the reviews.

If you are an author reading a negative review I wrote about your book, please know that opinions expressed are not about YOU personally.
I have a deep respect for your craft but I’ll always stay true to myself and what I believe in.

Thank you so much for the time you’ll stay here with me and …HAPPY READING!